Friday, April 14, 2006

good friday

well, its easter weekend here in argentina.. and all over the world for that matter.
man, i could really write a lot right now... ill just write a few things that come to mind..
first, i got a cell phone here.. i converted my US cell phone to work here. in order for it to work you have to buy these phone cards and charge your phone with minutes by pressing in a pin number...
from the us i could never figure out how to call a cell phone here.. you are welcome to give it a try...
you would have to dial 011 54 351 614 6539 my actual cell phone number is 156146539 its complicated because there is a country code.. i think for argentina it is 54 and then there is a cordoba city code which is 3514 or something
running.. i have run a couple of times.. it is hard cuz the streets are all busy and the sidewalks are pretty messed up. you have to constantly watch out for cars.
oh yeah, that brings me to the streets... its hard to get around.. mainly cuz i have no idea where i am.. i am usually decent with directions but i am always getting turned around. a few reasons why its crazy.. 1, the street names can change suddenly, 2, the streets in some neghborhoods run east-west and north-south but in others they run northeast-southwest and vice versa... 3 the blocks are pretty short so they have tons of streets to memorize..
i had a decent religious discussion with a couple of girls that were at the shop where i got my cell phone... i had to go into the store like 3 times in 2 days cuz of different things i needed to do before i could get it activated, so i spent a while in there and of course they were wondering what i was doing there.. they were both college students.. one was an athiest and one believed in god but didnt have any specific beliefs about her god... they both said there are many atheists in the area and they said that the priests were bad.. i dont know what they meant by bad.
we talked about religion for a while.. i didnt feel lead to like witness to them, just to share about my faith and what kind of lives they lived.. i think i will go back and drop off the case for christ in spanish or maybe more than a carpenter.. i need to find these books in spanish.
eating.. the food isnt the healthiest but it is good.. i am eating a lot of empanadas.. which are like meat pies and also a lot of pizza... ive eaten pizza 3 times allready.
a cold front came through.. it is wierd because the cold fronts come from the south.. and the temperature is in centegrade. so getting used to weather forcasts is funny.
i cant wait till my north american friends get here.. at least i will be able to share in the same struggle with them as being in a whole new place and culture.
next week i will look for an apartment, then i will have an address for people to write to me.. if you really want to send something.. you can send it to my TEMPORARY address. scott jackson, 568 mejico, barrio general paz, c.p. 5000, Cordoba Argentina (after each comma would be a new line)
or if you really need to call you can call the number of the house i am staying at.
it is 011 54 3514 4524539
if you go to you can buy a calling card to call argentina for about 3 to 5 cents per minute.
un beso


Blogger Don Dinnerville said...

So great to read what's going on. Thankful for the phone call last night. You might check Amazon for the books in Spanish. They've got a whole site just for their Spanish store. And I was going to suggest for the forecast so you could get it in English, but I guess that would require you to have an Internet connection. Oh well, just one more way that you'll have to train your brain to think like Spain, I mean Argentina.

Better run for now. Still working on my project. Made some major headway today, and now everyone's really happy. Don't want to work the rest of the weekend, so need to keep making progress.

Happy Easter bro!

un beso

Friday, April 14, 2006  

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