Tuesday, May 02, 2006

What a weekend!

yeah it was a great weekend here in Cordoba. Friday night was my birthday.. well, i guess the whole day was my birthday but we celebrated friday night.. i invited about 10 people over for pizza. we ate, hung out and laughed... oh, and had some ice cream cake too. i finally got some good sleep... last week there were 2 days i got bad sleep.. one due to ravaging mosquitos... the other due to a loud radio.
ok, on saturday night i went with the youth group at rincon church to the super park. that is actually what it is called. super park. now it is nothing like 6 flags or the texas state fair midway.. but it was really fun. the kids at the church are really funny. they had a few good rides to do in groups. one was the hammer.. which spins you up and down and eventually u do a big loop and go upside down. they had some bumper cars, but they were kinda weak. they most exciting ride was the MAMBO. the Mambo looked pretty simple, yet it was a blast. ill post a picture of it later when i can, cuz its hard to describe. but it had some cool lighting effects and played music by 50 cent so that made it all the better. after the mambo one girl was given a new nickname.. la bandera.. which means the flag. maybe you can get the picture how she got that nickname.. she was holding on for dear life while her body was flailing around like a flag. when we got bak to the church at 10:30 all the kids wanted me to go eat with them so i went and got some pizza (2nd night in a row). i stayed there and talked with them and some other young adults from the chruch for a long time. on sunday after church we made some pizza at home (3rd straight night of pizza). and watched a movie we rented. monday was a holiday here, kinda like labor day.. so we got in the car and headed towards the mountains. it was some good scenery. we had a big cookout. on monday night we ate something called locro. i almost threw up eating it. i kept downing coke to help it digest and go down. locro is a soup with cow stomach, intestines, pigs feet and corn. it was tough to put down for sure.
ok before i go.. here are some random argentina wacky things:
seeing horses with carts being driven through the main avenues..
squeegying off the bathroom floor every day after a shower.
there are others but i cant think of them now... i gotta go get a new cell phone i managed to lose mine allready
i got pictures of the mambo to come soon!!


Blogger Don Dinnerville said...

pizza pizza pizza
mambo hammer locro
and a lost cellphone

That is a textbook definition of a great weekend if ever there was one.

un beso
and have a great week. (but pace yourself this weekend.)


Tuesday, May 02, 2006  
Blogger jes said...

Happy Birthday!
(a bit belated!)

Thursday, May 04, 2006  

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