Tuesday, May 09, 2006

im in school now

i was going to title my next blog entry "cold". the reason is that the house im staying at is cold. it is some natural phenomenon or something that cant be explained as to why it is so cold but its cold. im always piling up all the blankets at night and its hard to get out of bed. oh well, ill get used to it.
ok, about school. i started classes today at the university. i got on the bus ok early in the morning. i only had to pay ONCE this time. yesterday, i got on the bus.. it was only like my 2nd time on the bus, and u hand the driver these special coins called cospeles. 1 token costs 40 cents. then when u give the driver the token a register prints out a small ticket.... i figured what the heck is the ticket good for.. then all of a sudden a guy wearing offical looking clothes begins to check everyones ticket. i managed to crumple up my ticket and put it somewhere in my backpack. i couldnt find it. he asked me for it and i tried to tell him i didnt have it and then he went away. i thought i was in the clear. then after he finished checking the entire bus he came back to me and asked for it again and it was an embarrasing scene, as i could not find it. some lady behind me said "hey theres ur ticket on the ground" (only she said it in spanish) so i thought i was saved and gave it to him. it turns out that was from some other time or something and it didnt work.. he proceeded to give me a lecture about the ticket so i just pulled out another cospel token and paid again, got my ticket and handed it to him. i was kinda frustrated. anyways, today was the first day i took the bus into town and back. normally i take a taxi which costs about 2 dollars. but now i can save money with the local bus, plus it is more exciting as all kinds of students and people use the bus. oh yeah, in my spanish class there is only 1 other person.. an 18 year old girl from the netherlands who is studying economics here.. i dont see how she came here knowing NO spanish at all.. that is crazy! but now she talks as good as me cuz she has been here 3 months. when i first saw her i thought she was from texas cuz she had on brown boots and jeans and just looked like a typical person from the us.
today there was no homework, but we will have homework in the future.
its good to be on a schedule.
ps will washington my next post is solely for you. if i can ever get this blog to come to life again!


Blogger Will The Thrill said...

looking forward to it...

e-mail: bosoxmole@sbcglobal.net

if some idiot finds out my address, I'm going to form tackle him like Ray Lewis...

Will Washington

Tuesday, May 09, 2006  
Blogger Don Dinnerville said...

Glad to see you've got some structure / schedule. Maybe I'll get some of that once my back is better. :-)

Have a great weekend!

un beso

Friday, May 12, 2006  
Blogger ddrbt28 said...

Hey Scott it's Blake. I bet it feels different not to drive a car everywhere. On a bus, anything can happen. You meet people, talk to them, catch their germs, that stuff. See you later.

How is "la comida de Argentina"? Yeah, how's the food? Is it different than Mexican food?

Saturday, May 13, 2006  

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