Tuesday, May 23, 2006


this is gonna be long but it should be worth reading.. i hope...
hilary duff is coming in concert and im pumped to go.. yall know i am an in the closet lizzie mcguire (show starring hilary duff)fan right?.... ok, im just kidding.. about going to the concert, but not about being a lizzie mcguire fan
anyone want to go furniture shopping? why would i ask that??? well, because ive found an apartment and hopefully i will be getting the keys this friday! yay! its on the 7th floor and has a balcony overlooking a park. they have to check some paperwork on me, but i dont forsee any problems. I prayed a lot that God would show me the right apt. and i was having sooooo much trouble deciding.. but things fell into place for this one and im at peace with it. i have to get the lights turned on and the gas turned on and then get furniture.. so me actually moving into it will take a while but at least its mine!! i can officially have visitors now too.. so anyone who wants to... come on down!!!!
im really pumped too about david buckenmyer coming friday and then david fulfer comes saturday. also on saturday i have the opportunity of speaking to the youth group at church!
right now i feel like my writing is in a teenagers style, so i guess they are wearing off on me...
ok, also the coolest thing happened today.... i got to spend time with this guy jorge.. he was saved last summer and is living a tough life.. he has never had a dad, works as a janitor, lives in a very humble house way away from town.. but he came to my house today to hang out for a while.. we talked for a long time about his life and how he wants to quit smoking and all kinds of stuff.. its hard for me to know what to say to him, but i prayed before hand that god would take myself away from me, and i feel thats what he did.. he gave me words of encouragement and the strength to meet with him.. his personality is hard to talk to, and we dont know each other well, but im glad that god has used me. its seems like most of the time when god uses me i have to sacrifice something, whether it be time, money, comfort, whatever... but he longs to use us and i hope he uses me more.
i was thinking back on these last 6 weeks... and in all honesty they have been really difficult.. but at the same time they have been easy.. its kinda like running a marathon.. its insane to run that far, and it is a very hard feat to accomplish... but if you train for it really well, when you are running the marathon you are thinking to yourself.. man this is really hard, but thanks to my training, im able to withstand all the obstacles.... ive felt the same here.. ive gone days feeling alone, days of sickness, days when i wake up and the shower water is cold and i just skip my shower for the day.... but because God has been with me and because of the prayers of faithful friends.... i feel like it hasnt been that hard.. but i feel like it should be a lot harder than it has.. im not sure if that makes sense....
im gonna keep on walking by faith.... join me in influencing the world!


Blogger Don Dinnerville said...

great post. would love to catch up, but not via blog. good time to call you this week? let me know by email.

praying that the next week or two of settling into your new place and welcoming guests goes well.

by the way, going to hang out with a particular second grade teacher this friday . . . .

un beso

donaldo el pato

Tuesday, May 23, 2006  

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