Friday, September 29, 2006

News and Pics

well, we had our first retreat this past weekend. it was good except at night i thought i was gonna freeze. we have a friend named lichi (thats a nickname) who has a cabin in a nice place that is about 45 minutes outside of town. 8 of us, plus baby Coen, went there on saturday and sunday. We ate like kings, because one guy named cello (short for marcello) went to chef school. He prepared the best homeade pizzas on the planet. other than eating and hanging out by the fire, we did a lot of relaxing, with some nature walks mixed in.. and some singing and devotional time too.
in other news, my friend javier moved last night. He was in cordoba to find work in an english speaking call center, but he didnt get the job, so he moved back home, which is a town several hours away. we will definitely keep in touch via email and i hope to go visit him sometime. He was just starting to really grasp his nesesity for God and how God could help him.
here are some pics.

my friend javier who is moving away from cordoba

David working hard on the American style breakfast.. scrambled eggs with bacon!

what is a campout without fire?

Coen and Uncle Scott hanging out

the group on the campout


Blogger Will The Thrill said...

I got your INTENSE message. It scared the heck out of me...

Friday, September 29, 2006  
Blogger Don Dinnerville said...


just sent you an email, then came to check out the blog. i guess i did that in the wrong order. great to hear about the retreat. and sorry javier had to move back, but i'm glad he's able to call you friend. he's joined the ranks of a blessed group.

blog poll - whose eyes are bluer - uncle scott or coen? tough to say!

take care amigo, and have a great week!


Saturday, September 30, 2006  
Anonymous Sharon said...

I love the photo of Coen and Uncle Scott! Don is right about the blue eyes!

Things are great in Dallas. I did get your e-mail and I will write you back!


Sunday, October 01, 2006  
Blogger Andy Sitton said...

you guys have any creatures sneak up behind you in the grass while out by the campfire???? :)

Friday, October 06, 2006  

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