Monday, September 04, 2006

a very LONG night

so this past weekend i had my first "job" with an argentine company. the company is called all in english. anyways, i had to teach kids english using the theme of the "old west". we taught them all kinds of stuff about cowboys and indians, growing crops, and we even built scarecrows and shelters. those were some of the fun parts.. the not-so-fun part was having to sleep with 19 11-13 year old boys in a bunk house..... well, i shouldnt use the word sleep because there wasnt much sleeping done by anyone.. these kids were off the wall with energy and they were fighting amongst each other.. and when a kid would go to sleep the others would put toothpaste all over their face. at about 4 am i was quite surprised by the silence that finally came.. after about 5 minutes, the silence was interrupted and all of a sudden i hear a kid going crazy, walking around and screaming. to be honest, at first i thought he was demon possessed by the way he was carrying himself and his loud screaming... he was flailing around and injuring his body on the walls, etc. we couldnt get him to wake up and he continued to make a scene, beating on all the beds and what not.... somehow we managed to figure out in his speech that he had to go to the bathroom so we turned on the light to the bathroom and he ran inside.. but 2 seconds later he ran out screaming and shouting that the comode had been stolen by someone.. so we told him that he had to open the door to the stall, that the toilet was there, and he ran in and to his surprise, the toilet was there... wow.. the whole time he was sleepwalking! that was a long night!
upcoming events: sept. 9th going to rosario for a football tournament
september 23-24 a spiritual camping retreat outside the city.


Blogger Will The Thrill said...


Good luck in the football game

Monday, September 04, 2006  
Blogger Don Dinnerville said...

missed you on the "launch" singles retreat. had a good time and got to share with some folks about what's going on with you. i'm sure candace, kramer, and meredith would want me to say "howdy" to you.

if you have a chance, check out watermark radio website and listen to matt chandler's stuff from the retreat today. it was great!!

Monday, September 04, 2006  

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