Monday, July 10, 2006

team is working hard, bible studies planned

this morning many of the team members were tired, they have been doing a lot of stuff, and staying up late. its been real cool to watch them form relationships with people and theve been a huge help. we have several people interested in bible studies.. we had a big meeting at my apartment and almost 30 people were there!!! that was crazy!!! after about a 2 hour descussion about christianity, many were intersted in joining a study of the purpose driven life. we hope to have one in english on thursday nights and one in spanish on tuesday nights, but it is still a little in the air. last week we got the opportunity to get away from the city for a day and we visited a really nice placed called la cumbrecita.. it was so beautiful. some argentines we have been talking to invited us over for an asado, which is like a barbecue.. i really want to talk about that. my friend david fulfer describes the asado in a really good way on his blog, so i am going to steal his words.. here is what he wrote: "Do you know how long an Argentine asado takes? If you arrive at 10pm expecting the meat to be already on the grill, then you do not understand the culture. If you are told that the meat will only take one hour to cook, then you do not understand the art of asado. Last night, we began to eat at 1am. Thankfully Kristen and I decided earlier that I would go with the team without her and Coen, while they hung out with Gabi. Now, if you think that beginning to eat at 1 am means that you will be done definitely by 2am, then you have forgotten that an asado is more than just a steak or some chicken on the barbi... First comes the blood sausage, then the chorizo (regular sausage), then you get some ribs, and then some brisqet. Just when you think you can't eat anymore, the backstrap and pork comes off the grill, followed by the kidneys and intestines. If you are feeling really queasy, it is not as bad as it sounds. When I looked at the clock on the wall it was 3:30... but sitting where you are it probably seems like a really long time to eat an asado, but then you have forgotten about the time warp in this great country, where people celebrate new found friendships over a dead cow, and a watch is just big honkin' piece of jewelry."


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