Thursday, October 19, 2006

Natural Phenomenon Week

So, this past week ive had some definite run-ins with mother nature...
I experienced an earthquake, 2 very harsh hail storms, an electrical lightning storm, and some other thing im not sure what it was but it made the sky red at night.
The earthquake was definitely a long way away from Cordoba, but it is not uncommon that Cordoba feels the effects of earthquakes in Chile, Bolivia, or Western Argentina. After looking at a log of all the earthquakes there are in the world.. there is actually a large number, few of these actually do damage. I was at my table writing and i felt my body swaying and i wanted to make sure i wasnt going crazy so i went to my balcony and then checked the hanging lamp shades, and they were swaying some... it lasted a while, about 1 minute. that was my first earthquake experience.. although 3 weeks ago, supposedly the same thing happened, but i didnt feel it, probably because i was on the ground level, and not in the 8th floor of my apartment building.
The hails storm were accompanied by a lot of rain, and the hail was about pea to grape size. it made a lot of noise on the roof. for one of the storms I was in a cabin and it had a tin roof so it was very loud. The lightning storm was before the hailstorm, on the same night.. we were watching some intense lightning for a few hours... it was wierd cuz there wasnt any thunder.. it was just quiet as could be, with the whole sky lighting up every 3 to 5 seconds. Between the lightning and the hail storm, we noticed that the sky was red in one part.. it was really freaky looking... i have no clue what that was.. troy duncan can u help me on that?
my only guess is that a lot of dust was being kicked up into the sky, and the dust, mixed with the light from the lightning, made a glowing red color.
chau yall


Blogger Don Dinnerville said...

i remember a SERIOUS thunderstorm moving through B/CS when I was down there and the sky turned almost green. i later learned that behavior like that is indicative of a possible tornado.

doing a brief online search, i found out that a red sky may indicate an impending apocalypse, but only if it is blood red. if it's more of a reddish hue - that can be caused by a nearby chili cookoff.

you're one (or two) up on me with the earthquake thing. someone bumped into me the other day and i swayed for a moment, but it didn't last a whole minute, so I don't know if i can really relate.

hope the weekend is a little less eventful. keep on loving on folks.

Thursday, October 19, 2006  
Blogger SainT SpiriT said...

it was only dust... in calamuchita were a lot of fires.

Sunday, October 22, 2006  

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