Thursday, June 07, 2007

Villa General Belgrano and Gratitude

Yesterday Scott and I and some of his friends here from South Carolina all went to a German town called Villa General Belgrano. It's an artsy craftsy little place that is rustic and surrounded by rivers, creeks, and huge mountains. It's a 2 hour bus ride outside of the city. The scenery was beautiful and the mountians were amazing!! These were real moutains unlike the ones that we call mountains in the "hill country" of Texas.


1)I am grateful for Highland Park High School in Dallas donating football uniforms and pads, Scott's football team here in Argentina, and Scott getting all the bags through customs. Scott's football team here in Cordoba is now the 3rd team out of ALL of South America to have football uniforms and equipment!!! When Scott presented it to the team last Saturday, the news and newspaper reporters were all there.

2) I am grateful for Damion and Marcello - two guys from the university on the football team that drove 12 hours in a car as small as a volkswagon bug to meet Scott and I in Buenos Aires to pick up the football equipment and drive 12 hours back. When they saw all the equipment, they had tears in there eyes, and said it was a dream come true. They started putting on the uniforms in the airport parking lot!!

3)I am grateful for fresh sliced tomatoes that come on the pizza's here. They don't have pepperoni or even know what it is, so the most popular pizza is cheese and fresh tomatoes. It's delicious!

4)I am grateful for Bombon Caserrato flavor ice cream - I get it every day! It's the bomb!!!

5)I am grateful for The Feria - Mom's and Pop's come from all the country to set up their arts and crafts stands on the weekends only here in downtown Cordoba.

6)I am grateful for Merienda - Because dinner is so late, everyone has "merienda" at 6 or so. It's after siesta and right before dinner. This is a time to meet friends in coffee shops or have snacks with friends in the home. Merienda can last 3 hours!! A popular drink for Merienda is Mate (pronounced like latte but with an M). I have yet to try it - their sales picth to me is that is tastes like a cross between seaweed and fresh cut grass. It's popular for everyone to drink it from the same cup.

7)I am grateful for the 2 young girls I ran into when I had been completely lost for at least 20 min.(I take after my cuz, Brandon when it comes to directions) who happened to be sophomores studying translation, so they could understand me and get me back.

8)I am grateful for Fernando teaching me the word "Che" - it means "Hey" here. So, if I foget someone's name or can't pronounce it, I say "Che, Como Esas?" It's like saying "Hey, how are you?" in English. It works great!

8)I am grateful for Scott's door man at his aprtment who will always buzz me in, so I don't have to look for the key.

9)I am graeful for all the tile sidewalks and every store having different tile in front of it. There are about 25 different pattern of tiles from Scott's apartment to the coffee shop.

10)I am grateful for getting to go to Scott's church and Amazing Grace! We went last Sunday at 8 - that's P.M. not A.M. (the church services are at night) I didn't understand a word of the message, but when they started playing "Amazing Grace" - I immediataly recognized the tune and began to sing along - IN English that is. Amazing Grace...How sweet the sound no matter what side of the equator you are on.

11)I am grateful for the Panaderia (bread bakery) that fills the air the minute you turn the corner from Scott's street. I would be as big as the Pillsbury dough boy if I lived here! They make the best sweet rolls and cookies!

12)I am grateful for the Disco grocery store. I can't read any of the products or labels, but I can understand the 70's disco music that is playing.

13)I am grateful that there is "always room for one more" - Everytime people get together at Scott's or David's apartment for Merienda or dinner, it will be packed -standing room only - and the buzzer will ring and David or Scott will answer, "Sure, Come on up, There's always rooom for one more." And believe it or not, there always is! People here love to get together for meals and visit for hours.

14)I am grateful for the lady in the beauty shop, when I told her, "no comprende espanol" she talked to me for an hour staright in Spanish. I didn't know a word, but just nodded and said Si....who knows what all I said yes too!

15)I am grateful for Fernando and how God is working in his life- He is the coach and president of Scott's football team who is an atheist, but through Scott's friendship, is coming to understand Christianity. He is currently reading the whole Bible through and the book, Mere Christianiy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

AMAZING GRACE, HOW SWEET THE SOUND INDEED! What an opportunity for you to experience that God's amazing grace is sufficient no matter who you are or where you are! And isn't it just like God to work in the "11th" hour to provide your passport so you could go with Scott...teaching us patience and surrender to His sovereighnty in our lives! And isn't it so characteristic of Him to change and transform Scott, who when he was younger was the "home body" never wanting to be very far from home, yet now is making a difference in lives as far away as Argentina by "losing" his life here to "gain" what cannot be seen, spreading the gospel and investing in eternity. Even though your time there has been short, I am sure you have brought Scott encouragement and have been a blessing by "walking" beside him so as to better understand his "mission" and also provide a small "sliver" of "home." Can't wait to hear what God has done and is doing in your life! Miss you'all, LV MOM

Thursday, June 07, 2007  
Blogger Don said...

well, i guess the blog was just the start of the reading since mom already made her on post here! :-) scott, a home body? i just can't believe it!

jenni, i'm so glad that you've been encouraged on the trip and are having such a great time. you're making me want to get my passport updated and start looking for good airfares. especially when you start talking about the food! and by the way, i personally don't think you're missing out on much with the mate, but if one of the world's pickiest eaters can try it and survive, so can you. ;-)

looking forward to more updates between now and your return. have a blast, and tell scott that when i come down, there'd better still be room for one more!

Thursday, June 07, 2007  
Blogger Patagonia Mum with Baby said...

thanks for sying nice things about argentina.
it makes me miss it so much!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007  
Anonymous Camdyn said...

People should read this.

Monday, November 10, 2008  

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