Sunday, September 09, 2007

election fraud, mosquitos, football, and karaoke

election fraud: several newspapers have reported a crisis here in cordoba, as it recently was voting day to elect a new governor, and one candidate won by a 1% margin. most people here feel like there was some sort of a scam that went on, and "officially" they are doing a recount. meanwhile, there have been several manifestations going on in the streets, causing a lot of noise, street closings and traffic jams, and various street filth.

Mosquitos: I am currently well aware of the mosquito nuiscance, as i have a couple itchy bites today. warm, wet weather ahead means that ill have to stock pile off, raid, and any other concoction. the war is on!!

Football: yesterday was cordoba's yearly flag football tournament. my team got second, losing only to the team that won the tournament. plus, several guys from the team enjoyed watching "nfl sunday ticket" here at my place.

karaoke: a cafe that i go to a lot offered their upstairs room for us to use to help people learn english, so we did an english karaoke night. after singing "amarillo by morning" i had to explain the meaning of "buckin'" and a few other frases from the song.

scott jackson
ps dont forget to check out if you are crazy and daring enough to commit to running a marathon that is over a year away.


Blogger Sam said...

Hey Scott, I'd love to get some details on the "English Karaoke Night". If I would not be intruding, I'd like to come some time if you're still doing it.

Monday, January 14, 2008  
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