Saturday, July 07, 2007

screaming monkeys, no showers, and other anecdotes from argentina

yesterday we had a video game fiesta at my place... some people came around 4 pm, and we played video games/chatted until 12:30 am... you all should know what happens at 12:30 am in argentina on a friday night.... you guessed it... dinner! so we went to a place close by and got some good grub... by that time it was almost 2 am... tired, i finally hit the hay around 2:30.... at about 2:40 i was startled by a screaming monkey... not a real monkey, but a toy monkey.. i received it as a christmas gift. it is a monkey with elastic tubing on it, and when u launch the monkey, it makes screaming noises. Last night there was no launching involved, just screaming. A little bit later, i heard it again, but it was cold and i was tired, so i didnt want to get out of bed. it happened again and again, every 10-15 minutes.. so i decided the something needed to be done. i got the monkey and tried to stuff him inside a fleece glove, which i tried to stuff inside a bag, but i could still hear it. I looked all around it for a way to take out the battery, but there was no opening. so, out the small window in my bathroom, i launched the monkey.. i heard it scream all the way down the 9 story descent! it landed in a vacant lot next to my apartment building, and i could still hear it from my bathroom, but after shutting the bathroom door, i could no longer hear it.. it was the only thing that could be done to stop it.

a few days ago, my hot water heater broke, which means no hot showers! trying to take a FRIGID shower is pretty much impossible, so i went a few days without a shower.. finally yesterday a mechanic was able to come by and fix it.

on the 4th of july, about 15 people came to my apt for some classic hamburgers and hot dogs.. it was a good time had by all.

on the 5th, we had a devotional/bible study, and there was about 10 there for that, and then yesterday was the video game tournament.... so all in all, my apartment is getting some good use, and im staying tired.
scott j