Monday, October 30, 2006

random news/info

just some random updates:
we have consolidated our 2 bible studies into 1. we were meeting on thursdays and saturday afternoon.. but now i think we will just meet on saturday afternoon.
next weekend i will run in a race (they dont have many here, so id like to take advantage of the ones they offer)
and then in 2 weekends we have another 7 on 7 flag football tournament here in cordoba. a team from rosario will be coming, and in order to give them a chance to play 2 games, we are splitting our team in 2.
also, we are working on a tract/information about our church, so we can leave it with people that we talk to.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Will Washington Imitation

well, Will put up a funny video on his "IDIOT" blog, so i am following his lead with this funny video:
Click on "Injured Bad" and enjoy!
Injured Bad
ps its hot in cordoba

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Natural Phenomenon Week

So, this past week ive had some definite run-ins with mother nature...
I experienced an earthquake, 2 very harsh hail storms, an electrical lightning storm, and some other thing im not sure what it was but it made the sky red at night.
The earthquake was definitely a long way away from Cordoba, but it is not uncommon that Cordoba feels the effects of earthquakes in Chile, Bolivia, or Western Argentina. After looking at a log of all the earthquakes there are in the world.. there is actually a large number, few of these actually do damage. I was at my table writing and i felt my body swaying and i wanted to make sure i wasnt going crazy so i went to my balcony and then checked the hanging lamp shades, and they were swaying some... it lasted a while, about 1 minute. that was my first earthquake experience.. although 3 weeks ago, supposedly the same thing happened, but i didnt feel it, probably because i was on the ground level, and not in the 8th floor of my apartment building.
The hails storm were accompanied by a lot of rain, and the hail was about pea to grape size. it made a lot of noise on the roof. for one of the storms I was in a cabin and it had a tin roof so it was very loud. The lightning storm was before the hailstorm, on the same night.. we were watching some intense lightning for a few hours... it was wierd cuz there wasnt any thunder.. it was just quiet as could be, with the whole sky lighting up every 3 to 5 seconds. Between the lightning and the hail storm, we noticed that the sky was red in one part.. it was really freaky looking... i have no clue what that was.. troy duncan can u help me on that?
my only guess is that a lot of dust was being kicked up into the sky, and the dust, mixed with the light from the lightning, made a glowing red color.
chau yall

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

McDonlads's Delivery! This is NOT a Joke!

In my apartment buidling, the bottom floor is kind of like an entry-way and reception area, where the elevators are to go up to the apartments.. anyways, in this area there is a table and companies always come by with their flyers (normally its like supermarket stores with the weekly specials) I guess this is the Argentine version of junk mail. Anyways, as I got home the other day, I just had to grab this flyer and scan it in... because the flyer is for McDonald's delivery! For those of you who are non-Spanish speakers, the flyer says: Call to McDelivery. You can enjoy all of our products with the same flavor and quality, but in your office or home.

Friday, October 06, 2006

cooking a pizza in argentina

the argentines like pizza and they are very tasty here. Probably the best pizza i have ever had in my life was a couple of weekends ago at the retreat, when cello cooked up some on the grill. Here is the typical way argentines prepare their pizza.
after buying a pre-packaged pizza dough/crust at the local supermarket:

step 1: cut up cheese and put on pizza

step 2: put ham lunch meat on pizza

step 3: cut up tomatoes and put on pizza

step 4: put pizza in oven, and pray u dont burn it!

step 5: enjoy the sweet goodness!