Thursday, April 26, 2007

Football in Cordoba

We are now well into the training for our football team. We are doing a 2-month introductory course, with 3 parts to every practice: theory, physical training (of which i am in charge), and practice. This coming saturday we will have try-outs for different positions.

Check out a couple of pages:
here are some pictures of a couple of practices:
  • Pictures of Practices

  • here is our club's webpage: (click on the "staff" link and you will see my name there)
    Cordoba Football Americano

    Tuesday, April 17, 2007

    one year in argentina

    a few days back i celebrated 1 year of being in argentina!
    i arrived on april 8th of 2006.
    this coming sunday there will be a 10k race which i have been trying to train for.
    not too much else is going on right now, or at least im not in a writing mode right now.
    talk to u guys later.