Monday, June 26, 2006

do you think i can wash my clothes by hand?

its 1 am and im tired but i figured i needed to give an update..
first, our team of 10 is here now. they are really kewl and ive enjoyed hanging out with them. Its amazing to see them go out and meet people. they have specific times where they go out and share the gospel, but they also have lots of free time, which they have used to meet people casually on the streets, in parks, or wherever else students hang out. Also half of them are taking spanish classes 3 hours a day monday thru friday. i just walked back from their hotel, where they cooked dinner and invited some argetines they met to eat with them.. who knows how long they will stay up tonight. Wednesday night we are supposed to meet some people at midnight to play soccer.. guess it will be a late night match.
in the meantime, i continue to get more settled into my apartment. Today i bought kitchen stuff like plates, bowls, utensils, etc. and i bought a buch of stuff for my bedroom and bathroom like sheets, a comforter, towels, etc. oh yeah i bought some curtains too. its hard to shop because i dont know where all the places are and.... well.... its hard to describe but its just harder to shop here. Today i brought 2 girls from the team along with me to shop to give me some good taste suggestions.
i bought a big sofa and it is real nice, but its kind of real big and taking up more space than i wanted it to.. well see how it all comes together. A friend of mine washes her clothes by hand and she showed me how to do it and gave me a challenge to do it too.. i will try it out.. should be intersting.
i think im gonna give my address and phone number out officially on the next post or so, but ill at least give my address now in case you are really dying to send me something.
Chile 242 #8C
Barrio Nueva Cordoba
C.P. 5000
Cordoba, Argentina, south america

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Las hinchas dicen AGUANTE ARGENTINA

some pics of argentina fans

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

world cup and business

last week when the argentine team won, everyone went ape crazy.. ive got some pics of the celebration that i want to post. im becoming a real argentine fan.. its fun... ive been extremely busy.. our team of 10 comes in tomorrow....and argentina plays tomorrow too!!!!
when the team plays, all the business shut down and everyone watches.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

My Apartment

Well, I finally got an apartment!!! that is soooooo relieving to know that i dont have to walk 500 blocks a day trying to find an apartment.. ok, the 500 blocks is exagerating a bit... but ive spent hours upon hours walking up and down streets with wierd names like ituzaingo, obispo oro, derqui, chacabuco, etc. ive got nueva cordoba just about memorized ive walked so much. my apartment is what they call a duplex.. here a duplex means the living and kitchen are downstairs and the bedroom is upstairs. it is on the 8th floor and i have 2 balconies, 1 on the 8th floor and one on the 9th. The apartments here are Seinfeld style.. in the sense that when u have visitors you "buzz" them up. I cant wait to have people over and say "come on up"
Now i have the daunting task ahead of me to buy furniture, and to somehow figure out the system as to how to get the electricity and gas to come on. they use natural gas here to heat the water, heat the apartment, etc. The apartment does not have Air conditioning and it doesnt come with a fridge.. so i gotta get one of those... im trying to get a used one today... new ones are like 400 bucks.. which is expensive when ur a missionary.
i want to try to save as much as possible so i can make the living room a comfortable place for people to come and hang out..

Friday, June 09, 2006

world cup, apartments, mavs

things are good here in argentina...
i have put a deposit down on another apartment, hopefully the contract will be signed monday.. its not quite as great as some of the other ones, but it is definitely good and im pleased with it if i get it. it is a 2 story apartment, with a living, kitchen and bath downstairs and a bedroom and bath upstairs. it has a pretty good view from the 8th and 9th floors and is about 250 dollars per month. the fulfers are still in an apartment hotel and they are eager to get some space and their own place. coen has been sick the past couple of days but i think hes getting better.
people all over the place are starting to get really fired up for the world cup. there is blue and white all over the place.. im trying to figure out where i want to watch the game.. ive got several options. argentina plays on sat. the 10th. ill be rooting for the usa too and hope to see some of their games.
we are also trying to get ready (when there is time) for the team coming down in a couple of weeks. apartment hunting is hard here and it takes a lot of time... i think weve spent about 4 hours a day walking around from apartment to apartment.
hmmm.. ohh ive notices here that ive begun to like things that i didnt like in the states..
i now like eating tomatoes, olives, and plain soda water.. and coffee and tea too!
scott j

Monday, June 05, 2006

tough times

We are having difficulties getting an apartment.. well at least i am.. the fulfers are also in the process of getting something and i hope that they can get something soon.. i went to sign the contract for my apartment and for some reason they wanted to back charge me since i first put a deposit on it and i said that i shouldnt have to pay for days that i didnt have the key.. they said i was wrong.. i got some other people from argentina to come and they also sided with me, but they wouldnt budge...
i didnt want to live in a place where they didnt treat people fairly..
my friend chris hilgeman is here visiting a few days, and ive been hanging out with the fulfers, so that has been fun..
my last day of spanish class is tomorrow, so that is good.. i have a test to see what level i am at..
i really need an apartment soon but that is not looking very likely..
i feel really tired of not having my own place, tired of arguing with people about what is fair, and tired of many things.. but i have some wierd peace from God...
thanks for your prayers.
muchos besos a todos mis queridos hermanos en cristo.