Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas, adventures

Merry Christmas from down south... today i will be going on a journey to uruguay. this will be the 6th country that i have been to. From Cordoba, it is a 15 hour bus ride to the capitol, Montevideo. When i arrive there, i will look for a bus that goes to Chuy. That will be another 4 hour bus ride, which will head east and north along the coast of Uruguay. Chuy is on the border of Uruguay and Brazil, so it is possible that I might visit Brazil as well.

Yesterday, i was feeling adventurous, and i was also tired of running my same old route through sarmiento park, so i decided that i would run in a direction i've never run before. The goal was to run far and to purposely try to make it difficult for me to find my way back. I dont know why i consider things like that fun/exciting, but i do. It would be easy to find my way back if i just turned around at a certain distance, and returned the same way I came. That is not the idea, the idea is to do a big loop, using your sense of directions as to where to go. I ran through some neighborhoods ive never been in, and eventually found my way back home after running an hour.

here are my picks for the upcoming bowl games:
Alabama 11
Texas A&M 2
Rutgers 17
Clemson 9
Mizzou 4
So Car. 10
Texas Tech 5
Purdue 6
BC 12
Texas 20
Georgia 18
Miami 13
Tennessee 19
Auburn 16
Wisconsin 7
West Vir 21
Michigan 14
OU 15
Louisville 22
Florida 1
fl. 23 osu 21

Friday, December 08, 2006

another late night

so i just arrived at my apartment building at 2:10 am after hanging out at a students apartment. Leaving the building was a neighbor of mine, along with her boyfriend. They were dressed nice, so i assumed they were going to dance or something.. i asked where they were heading and they said they were going out to eat! ok, i know this is a late culture, but that is just insane! leaving to go out to eat at 2:10 am!!! what???? by the time they got to any place it would be 2:30 am, and at least 3 am before they got their food! craziness!!!
i think ive made it to bed more times this week after 3 am compared to the number of times before 3 am. i think ive aged more in the last 6 months that i have in the past 6 years.
c yall

national holiday

so today in argentina it is a holiday. It is dia del virgen, or virgin day. On this day, everyone around the country honors and prays to their favorite virgin "saint". It seems like each town has their special virgin, that you can pray to and what not. Obviously this is a very catholic holiday.
and yes, they decorate the malls here with all kinds of christmas decorations. including a big tree... however, i have yet to see a live "santa".