Thursday, August 23, 2007

fotos of trip to cancun

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

to cancun and back again

i am in the midst of yet another 24 hour-plus travel experience...
i got to go to cancun for a little vacation... got to see some great stuff while scuba diving: sharks, baracudas, moray eels, sting rays, sea turtles, and tons of bright fish.
now im in buenos aires for a slight lay over, then head back to good ol' cordoba.
i havent had an empanada in over a week.. that has to be a record.
if you dont know what an empanada is, its a typical food here in argentina.... im sure u can google it if u want more details.
scott j

Sunday, August 05, 2007

stuff from argentina

my posting has plummeted below the minimum amount detectable by the seismographs.
tomorrow, katie and kevin, our summer interns leave. they have been here 2 months. that means me and jaclyn will get some rest, as their level of energy runs circles around us... but we will miss them. on tuesday the 7th i will be heading over to mexico to get a little vacation in.. which, my body has desperately been needing, after too many nights of low sleep.
about a month ago, we were fanatics about chess. it seems like we were always having some serious matches with all of our friends. this month the game of choice has changed to NCAA football 2006 for the XBOX. We have had all kinds of grudge matches, and the argentines are learning this "weird sport with a bunch of rules".

MARATHON 2009: Micah strange, Jason Lowe, Wes Moulden, Tigger Dennison, Shelby Dennison, Chris Pattillo and myself have all accepted the 2009 marathon challenge. In january of 2009, we will all be participating in the Houston Marathon. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join in on the shenanigans!! what do you have to lose.
We have teams divided into the Mrs. dennison vs. the Mr. dennisons, we have a league commisioner, Jenn Strange, and we are working on a t-shirt committee and a cheering staff..... if the last few sentences have made no sense to you, that makes sense.
see our website for the marathon 2009 challenge: click here to see the marathon 2009 blog/website